Large scale geospatial data visualization
Promoting Industry Collaboration through Open Source and Open Governance is a suite of composable, interoperable open source geospatial visualization frameworks centered around
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Open Governance is under open governance, and anyone can join the open planning meetings. Contributor status is available and technical steering committee membership is available to major contributors.
The Framework Catalog provides an overview of the various frameworks in the framework suite.
Releases 8.4
Release Date: Jan 31, 2021 8.4
    MVTLayer - 2x performance via binary mode. TileJSON. Query Features.
    HeatmapLayer - GPU aggregations now include MEAN and SUM
    BitmapLayer - pixel picking
    All Layers - performance, rendering edge cases
    Interaction - mobile improvments, new gesture for 3D interaction, inertia integration - More control of loader autoselection - enables data-driven map visualizations using CARTOColors 8.4
    TypeScript - types are now exported
react-map-gl v6.1
    Choose your mapbox API compatible rendering library: Mapbox GL JS v2, Mapbox GL JS v1, MapLibre.
    TypeScript - types are now exported 3.4 - New module for working with Earth Gravity Models - Improved support for binary polygons 2.3 is still on v2.3. The big 3.0 release is targeting 8.5.
2022 joined the project. and joined the OpenJS Foundation.
    Urban Computing Foundation merged with the OpenJS Foundation, and formed the Open Visualization Collaboration Group.
2020 Open Governance meetings started, under the auspices of the Linux Foundation and the UCF.
    Uber transferred a set of core frameworks to the UCF. was created.
    Uber created the Urban Computing Foundation (a sub-foundation of the Linux Foundation), transferring
    Uber open sourced and were created.
2017 was created. was created.
2016 was created.
    The core framework was open sourced by Uber.
    The core framework was developed by Uber to support a wide range of geospatial visualization use cases across the company.